Feb 252014

Rubbed,Smoked and Sauced BBQ and Bar’s Products are pleased to announce they have extended their sponsorship agreement for 2014.

Bar’s Leak’s and Rislone have over 150 years of trust as one of the premium automotive chemical manufacturers in the world.

We are very excited to continue our partnership with Bar’s Products, they are the absolute best sponsors anyone could ask for. Please consider using their products when look for chemical additives for your vehicles. They have over 60 different products that will meet all of your needs. We will also have samples with us at every event we are at, stop by and see us and we would be happy to tell you all about the benefits of the full line of Bar’s Products!!

Feb 252014

Now that the 2013 Competition BBQ Season has officially ended, here is how RSS ranks Nationally, out of 2717 teams that earned KCBS Team of the year points:

Overall: 221
Chicken: 263
Ribs: 294
Pork: 204
Brisket: 174

We competed in 9 contests this year. Practice has already begun for 2014!!

Nov 242012

2012 was a great year for RSS BBQ and our Competition Season. We accomplished several of our goals and we still have some work to do.

We got our first Grand Championship at the UP Hog Wild Festival in July. We also got a little redemption in the Sam’s Club Series after 2011’s last place finish in Chicken we got a 4th place call this year in Chicken, but it was not enough to push us to the next round.

We did however compete in the American Royal for the 3rd Time and also quantified for the World Food Championships in Las Vegas.

Here is our finish for each contest in 2012:

Armada: 3rd Place

Auburn Hills: 10th Place

Sam’s Club Southgate: 10th Place

UP Hog Wild: 1st Place

Grand Rapids: 10th

Birch Run: 10th

Monroe: 3rd Place

Silver Lake: 3rd Place

American Royal Invitational: 137th

American Royal Open: 167th

World Food Championships: 40th

Mike Terry and Scott Fischer

Nov 242012

Rubbed,Smoked and Sauced BBQ took first place in the 1st Annual Beak to Beak Challenge. This was an invitational event meaning we had to have won 1st Place in Chicken at one of the selected contests for 2012. Well we got 1st place in Chicken at 2 contests this year!!

The points for the Beak to Beak broke down like this:

1st Rubbed Smoked and Sauced – 196
2nd Motley Que Crew – 193
3rd Full Metal BBQ – 187.5
4th Big Brothers BBQ – 184

Congrats to all of the participants that was a great field!!

We look forward to defending our title in 2013!!

L-R: Rich Parker, Mike Terry, Scott Fischer, Mark Rasmussen, Bruce Bissonnette

Jan 232012

Final KCBS Team standings for RSS :

Overall 287th out of 5,442
Chicken 326th / 5,442
Ribs 274th / 5,442
Pork 347th / 5,442
Brisket 196th / 5,442

Looks like we have some work to do, but I am proud of the team and the 2011 season!! We had a pretty good year. I would like to thank Bruce Bissonnette and Scott Fischer for their help this year and I cant forget Steve (Bubba) Coddington who helped out in Traverse City and Dick Bourdow who also cooked with us a few times this past year. You guys are always welcome in the RSS Site!!!

Jan 232012

Rubbed,Smoked, and Sauced BBQ is very happy to announce that we have reached a new sponsorship deal with Bar’s Products.  It is a new 2 year deal that retains Bars Products as our Presenting Sponsor.

We are very happy and look forward to working with the great team at Bars for the next 2 years!!

Mar 072011

RSS is pleased to announce that we are hosting our first ever Backyard BBQ Class. The date is May 21st,2011 in Flushing MI at The Town Office. Class will cover Equipment,Rubs and Sauces and we will show you how to make 2 mouthwatering appetizers as well as Chicken and Ribs.

This is not a Competition Class it is intended for the backyard cook or a beginning Q’er.

The app can be downloaded here: RSS Backyard Class

Feb 252011

Well it has been 5 months since we have competed in BBQ competition and boy are we getting antsy!! That does not mean that we have not been busy over the winter. We have been practicing and practicing trying to refine our processes and working toward that Grand Championship.

I also want to take a minute to thank our sponsors for 2011. First and Foremost I would like to thank Bar’s Products for their unbelievable support as a Title Sponsor. Please follow them on Facebook here: Bar’s Products

We also have Plowboys BBQ back as an Associate Sponsor. They Join Butchers BBQ, and The Great Lakes BBQ Supply Company We are very grateful and appreciative of all of our sponsors.

Jul 052010

MT – I know it has been a while since I last posted in our blog, and a lot has changed since then. So I would like to address some of those recent changes.

Sponsorship- We have entered into a Sponsorship agreement with Bar’s Leaks and Rislone for a 2 year deal. They have been OUTSTANDING to work with. I am so glad that we are working together.One last word on sponsorship, we are always looking for associate sponsors, so if you are a potential sponsor (It doesn’t have to be food related) or know someone, we offer a great sponsorship package.

Competitions – We have competed in 2 comps so far. We are seeing improvement with each event and we are very excited for the future.

Media – We have had some serious media exposure of late. I was a feature article in the Flint Journal on Fathers Day, and Steve and I got a chance to do a live segment on Fox 2 Detroit on 7/2/2010. Also Scott got some publicity for his 33 years of service as a police officer!!  Links for all can be found below:




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